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Ghost on the Strand


The hurricane’s wind slashed over Galveston Island on September 8, 1900 and unleashed a horror that no one who survived ever forgot. The survivors on THE STRAND were blasted by plague and embroiled in an epic struggle to survive.

Galveston, their island home became a world stripped of its institutions and emptied by the GREAT FLOOD. Only to be filled again by the ghosts they left behind.

As we walk THE STRAND on our hour and half awesome adventure, we will be swept into the nightmare. Now trapped, the lost souls long forgotten have an unusual and haunting ties to this street. The unnatural forces concealed by the mist will begin to emerge. And what you’re about to hear you’ll never forget! You’ll encounter those whose motivation to remain behind in the spirit world vary - to prove or disprove something long past...and TO SEEK REVENGE. 


Perhaps you can shrug them off as they breathe down your neck. Perhaps you can discount all the ghosts waiting and staring from behind every window and door.

Perhaps....but you won’t ever forget them.


We have searched letters, memoirs and oral histories. The vivid descriptions stand as moving testimony to the painful memories of those who WON’T STAY DEAD!

Join us on our ninety minute walking tour as we explore the gory, spooky and fascinating paranormal happenings on the strand...the original street of horror. Hurricanes, war, fire, and epidemics of diseases! The notorious pirate Jean Lafitte even turned the island into a den of thieves. Galveston has more ghosts than any other city in America.


The Cut-Throat Crew


Here are some of the Ghost Sanctuaries you will be visiting while on the
Ghost on the Strand Tour


At its height this railroad station saw over 40,000 people a day on their way to Galveston's bars, casinos and brothels. An engineer by the name of William Watson would entertain the passing crowds by doing handstands on the cattle guard of the engines. One unfortunate day he SLIPPED and was immediately decapitated. A derby hat was still securely sitting on the head they found A MILE AWAY!


SO many dignitaries, soldiers, politicians and even presidents have checked in… BUT SOME NEVER CHECKED OUT.  Crying sobs are heard on the stairwells and in the halls.  A Civil War soldier marches up and down the lobby in front of everybody to see.  A little boy plays in the hotel rumored to be the ghost of a child run over outside the front of the hotel. One helpful ghost will even unpack for you!


Charles F. Coghlan a famous British actor sailed to Galveston to grace the stage of The Grand Opera House.  But poor Charles died before the curtain was ever raised.  What to do with this distinguished visitor’s body?  While waiting for the answer THE GREAT STORM demolished the island and carried Charles coffin out to sea.  It floated from Galveston to Prince Albert Sound before it finally made land…ABOUT A MILE FROM WHERE CHARLES WAS GOING TO RETIRE!
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Two separate buildings designed by famed architect Nicholas Williams to look like one is home to several of Galveston’s favorite ghosts. Sara, as the people of Galveston affectionately call her is often seen on the wrought iron staircase near the window where she pulled bodies out of the water… DEAD OR ALIVE.  Sara stayed on after the water receded to help the injured only to die from one of the many diseases the flood water carried.



Jean Lafitte built the first city on the island that became home to 1,000 pirates and their prostitutes. His home, Maison Rouge was surrounded by a moat for his protection. But, not even a moat can keep the many ghosts that live in his house from entering. The U.S. Navy ordered Laffite to evacuate the island and in his rage he burnt the city he built to the ground.

Legend has it he buried his treasure on the west end of the island under three oak trees. But maybe it’s not a legend! At the time of Laffite there was a place on the island know as Three Oaks, where today treasure hunters have found doubloons.  He loved his island so much he returned in 1823... after he was killed in a sea battle off the coast of Central America.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost

Tickets for adults are $25.
Children are $15.
Active military, free.

What are the tour times?

We offer tours at 6, 8 and 10:00pm. (Midnight on Friday and Saturday)

Where do we meet?

We gather at 2411 Strand in front of Patrick's Bar. There is a sign that says 'Patrick's over the sidewalk. Please meet beneath the sign (not inside the bar).

Please arrive 15 minutes early before your tour starts for a meet and greet.

Please note: we are not able to hold the tour for any reason. However, if you are running late, no worries, you can just join the next tour.

Is this a walking tour?

Absolutely! It's the only way to get up close and personal with all the fun to be had. The Fog will begin to morph and suddenly you'll feel a cold breath on your neck.

How much walking is involved?

About a mile with frequent stops. We stroll along at a very comfortable pace. There is safety in numbers from what lurks in the shadows. And, we have never lost anyone... yet!

Are wheelchairs or golf carts permitted?

Yes, wheelchairs are permitted. Golf carts can be tricky, but doable. This is the best tour for someone in a wheelchair.

Can we bring Fido?

Dogs are a favored guest on all of our tours.


What makes a ghost?

The paranormal researchers tell us that ghosts are formed in four ways; sudden death, demonic possession, habitual (they just don't want to leave), or unfinished business. When the 10,000 souls died in the great hurricane of September 8th of 1900, the massive loss seems to have triggered many of the most well known incidences of paranormal activity. It is further speculated that ghosts like to live near water, who knew.

Is there parking?

Yes, there is plenty of free lighted parking on the street.

What if I don't believe in ghosts?

Whether you're a believer, a professional ghost hunter or down right skeptic you'll be amazed and glad you took this tour. Read our reviews and see just how many minds we've changed. The history alone is fascinating.

Is this the tour appropriate for children?

Yes. But we assure you, they will be afraid. We would not like for anyone to have to leave because their child does not want to ghost hunt any longer.

Do you offer a military discount?

ACTIVE MEMBERS OF THE MILITARY ARE FREE! Thank you for all that you do. You don't need to book a ticket. Just call 832-245-0492

Are you required to wear a mask?

You are not required to wear a mask, but you can wear one if you want. We want everybody to have a great time but also be safe. The entire tour is conducted outside in the open air so you can socially distance as far as you would like. Our tour guides speak very loudly so you'll be able to hear them from well over six feet away. You won't be touching anything. NO doors, seats or handrails. We won't even touch your phone to verify reservations.

Is there a bathroom along the tour?

No. Best to be prepared before the tour starts.


What if it rains?

Wear a raincoat and bring an umbrella. We're like the post office, rain or shine, nothing keeps us from our appointed rounds. But if it's really pouring, you can reschedule, or we'll be happy to refund your money in full. No questions asked.

About the Tour


Walking in the night, translucent figures will float by the windows that bore witness to tragedy after tragedy. Shadows will suddenly appear and objects move of their own accord as we huddle closer to one another for our mutual protection. We never know what’s waiting for us around the corners. Beware and be scared! After all Galveston is nothing but “a cemetery with a beach attached!”

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Verified Reviews from the Frightseeing Tours


“This tour was absolutely the highlight of our trip! Spooky, fun and informative. Highly recommended.” Bam our tour guide was an encyclopedia of knowledge. His ability to weave the history and paranormal activities of Galveston was amazing!"

“Took the ghost tour on The Strand several years ago. This tour was much more fun and interesting. Really well done. You won't be disappointed!"

“What else you do on the island don't miss this tour. The kids are still talking about it. Very cool."

“My family had to drag me but after the tour started I learned more about Galveston and it's other worldly guests than I have in twenty years of visiting the island. You definitely want to take this tour. You'll be amazed. Great job by our tour guide."

“I supervised my Girl Scout Troop on this incredible tour. We got scared, laughed and learned. We are already planning another visit next year. The girls agreed this was our best outing ever!"

“Simply was an amazing 90 minutes. Didn't want our tour guide to stop. Got some really interesting photos to boot!!"


Take the most UNIQUE and shocking Tour in America.


Our Collection of Spooky and Interesting Attractions

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